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Considering Structural Steel Fabrication Jobs? Things To Know

With an increased focus on trade education and career paths, many people are reconsidering the traditional college route in favor of a trade, like structural steel fabrication. If you've been thinking about pursuing a trade education instead of a traditional college degree, structural steel fabrication may be the right choice for you. Here's a look at some of the things that you should know.

Structural Steel Fabricators Are In Demand

When it comes to any kind of steel building construction, structural steel fabricators are a critical element. These professionals handle everything from the core structural welding to ornamental fabrication as well. That means that you'll have a lot of diverse and interesting opportunities available to you when you choose this type of career path.

Structural Steel Fabrication Is About Much More Than Welding

You might think of steel fabrication as just welding components together, but there's actually a lot more that goes into this role than that. You'll be responsible for ensuring load-bearing strength on the key structural components, which requires careful calculation and construction. You may also need to employ the use of plasma cutters, steel bending equipment, and many other tools and techniques.

Structural Steel Fabrication Is A Growing Industry

With increased concern about structural stability and holding up to severe weather patterns, more builders than ever are considering structural steel for their construction projects. As a result, structural steel fabrication is a rapidly growing industry. If you're looking for a career path that is going to be secure for you over the long term, this is an ideal solution because of the rapid growth rate and demand for these services, especially in coastal areas where hurricanes and other severe storms are a real threat.

Structural Steel Fabrication Uses Many Types Of Welding Skills

If you've been welding for years, you might be looking for something that will give you more of a challenge. Structural steel fabrication can be just that. Instead of the standard welding projects, you'll be dealing with innovative, large-scale, and unique projects that will require different approaches for different components. You'll get a chance to flex your skills with many types of welding as well as unique bracing and support solutions, too.

These are just a few of the many things you should know if you're considering a career in structural steel fabrication. Talk with a fabricator near you or check out your local trade school for more details and guidance.