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Medical Device Manufacturers: Are Your Medical Devices Failing?

Medical devices, such as blood glucose monitors and blood pressure machines, play large roles in keeping patients safe and healthy. But if your medical devices fail to yield the results patients need to monitor their health, your company may fail as well. Learn how you can keep your medical devices from failing below. 

Run Trials

If you don't run or complete trials on your devices before you distribute them to patients or their doctors, consider doing it now. Medical device trials (or clinical trials) allow you to test the efficiency, performance, reliability, and safety of your devices before you market and distribute them. The trials reveal things about your devices that could potentially harm patients or create false results.

You can use the results of your trials to change the way you:

  • make your medical devices
  • handle your medical devices
  • store and ship your devices

If your medical devices continue to fail after the trials, use a digital monitoring system to help you find out why.

Use a Digital Monitoring System

Some medical devices require constant monitoring in order to make them safe enough to use. The materials used to make the devices may not be correct or strong enough to keep them safe. Some devices can be inaccurate or not calibrated properly. A digital monitoring system can help you critique your devices before and after you manufacture them.

The digital monitoring system you select should contain a wide range of features to help you improve your devices. The features may include:

  • an advanced reporting system that allows you to keep detailed records of how well your devices perform in trials
  • an auditing system that allows you to keep records of failed or outdated devices
  • a list of consumer and patient complaints and/or reviews about your medical devices

You can also use the monitoring system to manage the costs and expenses associated with manufacturing your medical devices. It can help you eliminate materials from your company you don't need for your devices right now. Some materials you use may cost more to purchase but still perform poorly during trials.  

Before you establish a digital monitoring system in your company, you want to contact a provider directly. A company can use your clinical trials and other factors to help you find a system that performs best for your business. 

If you're ready to use a digital monitoring system for your medical devices, such as an MES solution for medical devices, consult a provider soon.