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Are You Taking Care Of Your Barcode Label Printer?

Investing in a Zebra barcode label printer can help save on time and effort when it comes to labeling your products. However, if the printer is not properly cared for, it will not perform at its best and its lifespan could be decreased. To prevent this, here are some tips for maintaining your label printer.

Protect the Print Heads

One of the most expensive parts of your barcode label printer to replace are the print heads. Although the print heads are covered by warranty for a period, you still need to take care of them.

There are several ways you can protect them, including using the right ribbon and barcode label with the printer. If not, the printer could malfunction, and you could be forced to replace the print heads more frequently than you are supposed to.

You also need to make sure you only use a manufacturer's recommended print head when it is time to replace it. If you fail to do so, the third-party print head could cause damage to your printer. Your warranty for other components within the printer could be impacted. Review your owner's manual to determine what the recommendations are for the print heads.

Clean the Printer

An often-forgotten task when it comes to maintaining a barcode label printer is cleaning it. However, it is important or else various components of the printer could start to malfunction. For instance, the media sensor will have difficulty with consistently ensuring a gap exists between the print heads and barcode label.

The exterior of your barcode label printer can be cleaned using a lint-free cloth. If you do have a stubborn stain on your printer, try using a damp cloth to remove it. At best, you can use a mild detergent to clean it. However, you should avoid wetting other components of the printer.

The interior also needs to be cleaned. You should check its condition at least once a month to determine if it needs to be cleaned. You also should clean it if you are having print quality problems. To do this, you can use a can of compressed air. Be careful when using it to avoid damage. If you are careful, you can even use a soft-bristle brush to clean the interior.

Consult with your Zebra barcode label printer dealer to learn of other ways you can work to keep your device in optimal condition.