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Few things are more frustrating than staring at a bad balance on your company profit and loss statement. Unfortunately, I found myself in that exact situation a few years back. We were losing a lot of money, and I knew I needed to figure out what the problem was. Instead of ignoring the problem, I started investigating expenditures. I was able to narrow down the issue to our manufacturing department. I realized we were paying too much money on processing, so I did what I could to cut costs. The results were amazing, and it actually saved my company. Check out this blog for ideas on how to make your business more profitable.

5 Unexpected Ways To Use Plastic Clothes Hangers

If you bought too many plastic hangers or recently cleaned out your closet and have several leftover, don't throw them away. Rather than creating more landfill waste, transform the boring, basic hangers into creative and useful items. Not only will re-purposing plastic hangers save the environment, it will also help you save money in some cases. You may be able to use part or all of hanger to help manage everyday tasks.

Here are five ways to put plastic hangers to work after they're no longer needed in the closet: 

1. Chip Clips

If you have a plastic hanger with two clips for securing pants or skirts, you can reuse the clips in the kitchen. Simply pop the two clips off of the hanger and use them to secure open bags of chips, rice, pasta, or any other pantry item. These will save you a few dollars and help keep your food items fresher longer.

2. Paper Towel Holder

Another way that old plastic hangers can be useful in the kitchen is by holding and dispensing paper towels. The length of the bottom of an adult clothes hanger is the ideal size for hanging the paper towel rolls.

You can either split the bottom of the hanger by hand or use heavy-duty clippers to do it. Then, just open the split and slide the towel roll onto it. Hang the top of the hanger from a hook for easy dispensing.This technique will also come in handy at outdoor events, such as picnics and backyard BBQs if you don't want to bring your good dispenser outside. You can hook the hanger to a grill, picnic table, or even a tree branch.

3. Magazine or Newspaper Organizer

Keep your monthly magazines or daily newspapers organized and close-at-hand by hanging them neatly over a plastic hanger. You can then hang them on a bathroom cabinet doorknob, on a hook in the living room by your reading chair, or on towel rack.

4. Scarf Holder

If you have a pretty collection of scarves that you'd like to keep tidy and show off at the same time, use a plastic hanger. Drape the scarves over the bottom of the hanger, loosely knotting them at the tops for a secure hold.

Display the scarf holder on a bedroom wall hook to add color and interest to the space.

5. Crafty Mobile

Use a spare plastic clothes hanger as the base of a kid-friendly craft project. Your child can decorate the hanger by wrapping it with ribbon or fabric or even by painting it with acrylic paint.

Then, cut shapes out of construction paper, punch holes through the tops of them, and suspend them from the bottom of the hanger using string to create a festive mobile.